Nov 2014

The Cold Chain: Risk, Responsibility and Reward

In this Cold Chain IQ interview Eric Newman is Vice-President for Loss Prevention at ProTecht Risk Solutions, a division of Falvey Cargo Underwriting, discusses the current risks and emerging threats to the cold chain and how manufacturers are seeking to overcome the challenges in managing risk today. Cold Chain IQ: What are the risks in the cold chain, and are there any new emerging threats?...

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Nov 2014

5 Tips to Minimizing Risk in Your Cold Chain Packaging

As pharmaceuticals have become more and more regulated, companies have had the need to build or evaluate their cold chain processes and packaging to comply with those regulations. The challenge with those regulations is that although they may provide guidance, they may not be optimized for your region of the country, for the type of carriers you use, or the sustainability standards that are demanded...

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May 2013

Enhancing Profitability of your Cold Chain Management by Improving Relationships with Your Partners

Pharmaceutical laboratories have dynamic activity based on research and development. Their Market value is continuously increasing (+ 12.9% in 1 year). The arrival of generic laboratories has engendered strategies involving the merger and acquisition of major players in the sector to allow them to focus on biotechnologies and vaccine development. New molecules are developed with high potential. Since 2004, developments of thermosensitive medicines have doubled...

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Mar 2009

Validation of the Thermal Modeling Process for Cold-Chain Shippers

One company shows a strong parallel between phase change simulations and actual data. In “Bringing Cold Chain Shippers to Market Faster with Thermal Modeling” (Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, May 2008), we discussed Cold Chain Technologies’ (CCT) use of predictive thermal modeling to simulate multiple design scenarios to arrive at an optimal configuration before making prototypes and conducting chamber testing. A computer program used during...

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