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Insulsco is your one stop for all your cold shipping needs
If your product needs to stay cold in transport, Inculsco
has you covered!
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With a wide variety of boxes and shipping
solutions, Insulsco can help you ship your
product domestic and international
Shipping everything from medications,
to food, to lab results is easy with Insulsco

Our Products

Here’s the best part of our impressive services

  • Prevent heat and cold loss all while protecting your item safely and securely.
  • Reusable and made just the way you need as well as many standard varieties.
  • Cost-effective and less space intrusive.

Industries We Serve


By providing proven methods, Insulsco’s products save cost for laboratories, physicians, insurance companies and patients. A successful shipping system ensures that components not only protect the sample, but also direct and force the users to handle, store, package and ship the sample correctly.

Food Service

Insulsco’s boxes allow for Multi Temperature Shipping, which is a common method of transport for combined loads of frozen and/or refrigerated product that avoids the high cost of separate trailers for each product. This system ensures that each product arrives at the proper temperature while cutting cost significantly by providing a multi-temperature environment in one trailer.


In today’s market, these medications are typically shipped from the manufacturing facility to centrally located distribution centers, re-packaged and then shipped directly to a patient, doctor’s office or a pharmacy. Temperature must be controlled at all times, often in very tight performance windows. Insulsco provides for every system/solution.

Our Clients

Here are some of our proud clients we have the pleasure of working with